Eva J.Creative Retoucher& Photographer

My name is Eva Juhasz a London based creative retoucher, photographer and a fashion designer. I have a wide experience ranging from retouching for well-known brands, shooting and retouching look books, campaigns and working with many individuals, actors, models, musicians.


As a retoucher, I produce high-quality images with fine detailing. I’ve enjoyed working alongside creative agencies, graphic designers, fashion studios to create high-quality content for some of the worlds biggest brands. Excelled at using nondestructive techniques in both high end and in photo manipulation.

Retouch works


As a photographer, I have a keen eye for lighting, composition, colour balance and great attention to detail to get the perfect image out of the camera. My experience includes working with brands, photography studios, artists, models, shooting on weddings, covered many events for the LFW, Arts Club, Verve Rally just to name a few. In addition, I love styling and I also follow the latest trends.

Photography works

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